Back Home in Boston

I had traveled all over the world in my job as an executive for a large company. It was an opportunity that I had truly appreciated over the years. From Europe to the Far East, I have many adventures and I have met many nice people. But I’ll be honest with you, at this stage in my life, I want the old familiar things. So  after I had announced my retirement, my wife and I knew where we would be headed. We were going to  move back to Boston! Just the thought of being back home was enough to relax me more than I have ever been!

But nothing happens all by itself, so I knew that it was time to pack everything up and get ready for the big day. After  I had secured some moving boxes in order to pack up a couple of personal items, like my computer, I started my search for good moving company. One of the main concerns that we had was the moving of a lot of valuable and sentimental items that I had accumulated through my many travels throughout the world. I didn’t want to entrust them to just anyone.

This meant that I was not only going to have to find an economical movers, but a company that understood my concerns and address them in the way that made me feel comfortable. I was dreading this a bit, since I had anticipated a long search. But this was not to be the case. There was a good reason for this, too. One of the things that I had learned in my career was how to look up what I needed online. This is a valuable skill, indeed!

The ability to find what you want online will serve you well, my friend. In this particular case, I sped through a lot of feedback that had been given to my local area movers. I immediately separated out those that I wanted to consider even before I asked for my first quote. So, when the quotes came in, my primary concern was pricing. After I had a short list of candidates, I made it a point to give them a call and set up appointments. After speaking with the moving companies, I chose the one that made me feel the most comfortable with their knowledge and caring.








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